You will find here all your schtuff to wear or...not to wear lol. You can wear insideout, and'u wear it with a bacon or ... you swear by the dawn you will find that tighter tee, or or to get another Three,... yeah.

The Dictionary says(aka Google Simon says): clothesclothing, garments, dressattireweargarbwardrobe;outfitcostume;robes, vestments; informalgeargetup, togs, duds, garms; informalclobberkitrig-out; informalthreads; literaryraimenthabit, habiliments

Middle English (as a verb in the sense ‘make ready or fit’; as a noun ‘furnishings, equipment’): from Old French apareillier, based on Latin ad- ‘to’ (expressing change) + par ‘equal’.

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